Word links not updating

08-Aug-2017 07:59

But when I copy the files to another folder, the Word document is still trying to link to the file in the previous folder rather than the new folder. I've been using linked Word/Excel documents for 10 years and have never really had a problem.

I'm very careful to maintain Word and Excel filenames when moving the files to a new folder.

Because Robo Help maintains a live link with the linked Word document, you can update a linked Word document if the source document or conversion settings in the Robo Help project change.

Icons of the project files in the Project Manager pod indicate whether the documents are in sync with the Robo Help topics.

I currently operate under Windows XP and have multiple links between my Word and Excel files. When the and files are converted to and .xlsm, respectively, the links no longer work.

The Word document is still attempting to point back to the old file rather than the new file.

Follow these steps: Now when you open the document, you won't receive a message asking whether Word should update the information in the linked object.

Additionally, while your document is open, the source file can be opened only in read-only mode; no changes can be made to the linked objected or the source while the Word file is open.

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When you update the documents, Robo Help updates the converted HTML topics, TOC, index, and glossary.

Source Word document that was linked by reference missing.

Update the topics generated from linked Word documents in the following scenarios: If you imported documents into the project, the Project Manager pod does not indicate the synchronization status.

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If either the Word documents or the conversion settings change, reimport the Word documents and overwrite the Robo Help topics already generated.I have all the settings checked in the Acrobat PDF Maker, but no links are being created in the resulting TOC in the PDF. I did some research on this and it turned out to be an easily fixable issue in Word itself.

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