Black men hate black women dating white men who is brittany murphy dating

26-Jan-2018 05:37

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But the reason it appears that far too many Black men are “jealous” (in those brothers’ words) of non-Black women is due to the fact that it’s incredibly difficult for many Black men to propagate their preferences without slandering all Black women.

Just like Trick Daddy ranting about wanting to smash “these Spanish and these white hoes,” it always predictably boils down to an anti-Black women sentiment.

But ladies, don’t front like you haven’t experienced that pain yourself.

Fed Up says it in her letter — “we have seen them pass us over for white or women of other races.” It’s yet another minority group that struggles with image and inferiority issues being told they’re not good enough.

But who does it bother more, Black women or Black men?

Yet what may be even worse than the gaggle of troglodytes who collectively co-sign these ignorant ass statements, are the brothers who simply just remain silent.

It’s one thing to affirm yourself squarely in an anti-Black mode predicated in an unflinching self-hatred, but to view Black women as so insignificant that they don’t deserve even the slightest defense is troubling.

I remember when I was a teenager, and I asked my older cousin why he didn’t want his sister dating an Asian guy from our school.

With him believing he was the next coming of “Pantherdom,” his reply at the time was a basis for how life looked to some Blacks in the early 90’s, coupled by his fear of folks signing up for a voluntary genocide brought on by ‘negro’s’ mixing with other races and cultures.Finding love under the rocks within someone else’s garden truly isn’t a big deal or a reason to salute individuality. Because whether you’re arm and arm with a Black man, a White man, or an Asian man, etc, the most important thing to remember is that he better be a good man, or there’s no reason why any of us should celebrate that union in the first place.

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