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14-Sep-2017 12:53

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But we had little in common; in fact, our shared interests stopped at a love of the Rolling Stones (which, I quickly discovered, is not the key to lasting love).

There were others before the Swede—a blue-eyed Southern boy; a freckled art-school student; a half-Jewish guitarist.

Now that many non-Chinese have moved to China and many native Chinese live throughout the world, cross cultural dating has become far more common.

For someone leaving mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Singapore and moving to a western country, what are some of the cultural pitfalls and traps you need to avoid and adjustments you need to make?

I was able to find this reference paper online, studying the “cultural impact upon the dating scripts, perceptions, and behaviors of college students from the United States and Taiwan in their cross-cultural romantic relationships”.

Westerners and Chinese often approach asking someone out (and being asked out) using varying degrees of ambiguity. Join language expert Katie Lu and China-savvy entrepreneur Stewart Lee Beck on an entertaining journey through the most fascinating elements of Chinese and discover how language holds the keys to the gates of China.They seemed immature, unexciting, and too close to home to be attractive.It was hard to understand how I could be connected to my culture, but disconnected from the guys who populated it.Who you are, and the things that make you similar or different from one another, are the cornerstones of every relationship.

Removing them from the equation is like removing a limb – so don’t do it!My direct experience isn’t too pertinent since I met my wife in Phoenix and she had already been living in the States for nine years, but there were still many adjustments we (mostly I) had to make.