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Hiei~ You are the second most attractive of thegroup with great red eyes (and a few purple)and black gravity defying hair. so kuwabara you saywell kuwabara how about you get your stupidannoying ass out of my face before I rip it offand with that you punch him in the gut and hefalls holding his gut then you hear peoplelaughing you look up and see two guys laughingtheir asses off and one biting his thumb theone biting his thimb walks up to you sayingsorry for his friends rudeness and that hisname is kurama he then points to the boy thatwas standing over you earlier and says thatshiei and then he points to a boy with slickedblack hair and said thats yuseke he then saysyou have alredy meet kuwabara you say hi mynames mika so will you plez leave m alone now Iam busy. ' He places afinger on your lips, and then frenches you thistime. Okay, so the little drinking party wasn't all thatgreat right? Well anyways Hiei is inlova and you get mad and you are beingsurrounded by flames then they disapear and youblack out! same hiar style same coloreyes different ears but in half demonform!!!!! You look the same but different hair colorand different ears everything else is thesame.

You're a confident person who doesn't letanyone keep you from reaching your goals. Imgoing to start on it when you guys tell me whatyou think on what I should do. Well It seems that you found your lost friend Hieibut he doesnt seem like the Hiei that youremebered. Oh and I'll show you a picture of Kyoko in the nextquiz! you say in a annoyedvoice when all of the sudden he gets pushed outof the ways and a orange haired guy comes up toyou saying oh....pettty girl will you go outwith me..look up at him sweetly and sayuh..are you he looks at you weired andsays oh my names kuwabara. Okay, so living with Hiei isn't so bad, so far sogood, I mean, he did stare at you in thoseshorts, and that big shirt you were wearing,not to mention he saw something that heshouldn't have seen, anyway, rate and message. Well, he might not show it, but your beauty andinnocence is catching his eye. So like when u r 21 u have twins a boyand a girl so u get 2 name them. The music that you were just listening to wascalled 'Angels Soul' remeber that song thatpoped into your head! *Evil smile* Hiei: GET ME AWAY FROM THISCRAZY LADY!!!!

In my spare time lol havent written anything in quite some. Enough about the stories lol I'm 27, in college trying to become a physical therapists but might change fields. I like to rp but am willing to learn new styles of rp. This is basically how Toriko would have been if Komatsu is a girl. Kimiko is the head chef at the Gourmet Hotel and has also unintentionally got herself into a weird love triangle with the Four Heavenly Kings. Katherine's life is turned upside-down as she learns more about herself that seems straight out of a crazy dream. Black Rock Shooter finds herself troubled over the idea of bonding with Rin to get her power back, but what choice does she have? What does one do when suddenly gifted with amazing powers? His story is one of constant strife: fighting for acceptance, fighting for her heart, and fighting for Azeroth.

I write using yu yu hakusho but thinking of expanding to others. I have heard about this site and for some reason started reading some stories and really liked them. Engaged no date set yet other then a few years from now, Fem Komatsu. When she finds herself in the past, she finds an adventure like none other. Joy, she thought." Everyone from Otherworld has been sent to Assiah, somehow human and unable to change back. After suffering from a broken heart that she believes can't be repaired, a new person jumps to her rescue and picks up the broken pieces. Peter Parker/OCWhen a Worgen with his humanity intact comes out of hiding to save a Draenei, he'll realize that perhaps living alone isn't so great.

Your most commonly used weapon is your swordhowever the Jagon (sp? Well, you are not quite his type, but he doesn'tmind having you around. When yousee a comercial for the show and Hiei pops up,you make out with the screen, don't you! You could bea walking dictionary on all of Hiei's moves andmotives and everything about him!!!! Today was my last dayof school and I had to go to my graduation andwell It had a lot of standion gin it and well Ijust dont feel like it.okay! you say yesso what of it he then says well if you need nething just ask any of us then hiei cuts in andsays well maybe not kuwabara here he might justtry to grab you next time.laugh alittleand say ok thanx and withthat they leave...acouple minutes later you are looking for yourhomeroom thinking danm math this early in themorning this sux you finally reach room 201 andsay here I go again plez dont let me get intotruble the first day of school plz plez don letme so you walk into the class and your teacherspots you he says hello and are you new hereyou say hi and yes well the teacher tells youhis name is mr.hoshi and asked you yours yousaid my names mika katsue he then yells to theclass to calm down and get seated as soon aseveryone is seated he says good morning classwehave a new student her name is mika katsue andthen told you to take a seat next to kuwabaraand hiei you sigh and say ok and walk over tothem and sit as soon as you sit kuwabara saysso baby how about that date you get reallypissed that he said that a yelled ya know whatfreak just leave me alone if you ask me onemore time to go on a date with you I am gonnamake it were you wont be able to have childrenwhen you say that you hear hiei say like hewould ever have kids no one is crazy enough togo out with him you then turn and see yourteacher right behind you uh..mr.

you are angerymost of the time and are very eager to fight. It is amazing howthings turned out good for you anyway in theend. You hide pictures of Hieiunder your pellow at night don't you. Well Im not going to be giving you a result because I just dont feel like giving you one Okay sowell Im sort of tiered. okay welplease rate and well message me on what youthought of this quiz okay! My quizesare better than it was good but it could ahvebeen better!!! he then says oh sure sorry to botheryou um..look new here are you? You seem abit qui-' Hiei sitsdown next to you, then takes your hand, andsmiles, looking you straight in the eyes. He leansforward, and kisses you softly on the lips. Well, that was with everyone else,but what happens if it was just you and Hiei, Iwonder how that's going to be, anyway pleaserate and message. I'll be making the next one right awaybecause I have a great idea and I want to getit out! Same eyes and hair anyways didyou like your little dance with Hiei? Oh and I thank a friend waterpowerstreak for the ideafor the other quiz #6 not #6 1/2. well I can tell that Hiei is deathly in love withyou!

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A reasonably fluffy story involving Legolas and an original character. The first chapter is rated T, the second is M for adult content (so of course the story in general has a higher rating). Keara is a healer, uncertain of her skills since the loss of her daughter. she doesn't understand why he's not asleep, but Chuu's not going to tell her. Not that it stops Kuwabara from acting like a jerk! Well, your best friend is living with you in Sprit World. ^o^ In the hour or so you had talking to the group,you've made a good impression on them. The next quizwill be called: YYH: *Crystal Training* , whichyou should go to. The nextquiz that YOU have to go to to proceed withthis story is called YYH: ~Crystal Frenzy~ . Message me yourideas if you want to read this ASAP! Also, message me if youd like, i dostill accept requests and ideas. The next chapter will be called YYH: Perspective and will not need a password. It will be for afuture chapter, and Im planning for itto be called YYH: =Battle for LIFE= and thepassword'll be: Defend Well, I hope you liked this chapter! I take it Koenmadoesn't want anything to happen to u 2. But think of itthis way at least u and Hiei will have somealone time while the guys train. Well U learned more about these demons and Botonjust gave u something that u seemed to bewaiting for anixously but what is it??? OK well ur having Hiei's baby and u just got backto Koenma's cause the tournaments in a few daysand ur already around 40 days pregnant. Rate high message ifu want and u'll find out tomorrow night. Well thatsgood because he love you back with all of hisheart he cant let you go and you cant let himgo! and you and Hiei are a couple and youare going to the movies with your buds but howare things going to go ? ) eye alows you to usethings such as Fists of the mortal flame anddragon of the darkness flame. I'mnot sure if anyone has told you yet, but he'snot real! Anyway, you takethings to the extreme and do not know how tocontrol those emotions. You left earth a while ago andforgot to tells us, didn't you?! Even Hieiwould be impressed with your knowledge abouthim!!!! Kuwabara, you might not be smart, but heck whocares. you might fall in love oftenand drive your friends nuts. hoshiwhats up he glares at you and says as much as Ihate to do this miss katsue you have adetention after school for an hour and youkuwabara will also attend for desterding classyou sigh and say gawd I cant believe this myfirst day and I already have a detention whatnext ~~~~~SKIP TO LUNCH~~~~ok your sitting atlunch all by your self eating an apple when youhear that was pretty funny in 1st hour you sighand say what now you lookup and see hiei in atree looking down at you you sigh again and sayyeah I guess it was bu t I have detention myfirst day no thanx to kuwabara that jerk hejust laughs and say yep he is an idiot andjumps down from the tree he sits next to youand says so hows your first day you srug andsay ok I guess I havent gotten in to ne fightsso thats good he just says yeah and then youhear snickering and look behind you and see therest of the gang laughing you give kuwabara adeath glare and he runs and hides behind yusekethen yuseke comes up to hiei and punches him inthe shoulder and says wow hiei is acuallytalking like a real person and ts not treatningkuwabara thats amazing he must like you mikayou and hiei just stare at him like he's gonecrazy then you say well I better get going Ihave P. next well buh bye then you get up andstart walk when you hear hey mika wait up youstop look around and see yuseke and hieirunning towards you saying we have P. too well show you there ok you say and sighyou say in your mind man and I was hoping to bealone for once gawd cant these guys get a lifeand stop buggng me so you rech P. and you geta free day because the teacher is sik and youhave a sub who is lazy so you go get your notebook and go sit in a corner and start writing apoem oh this is my poem tell me what you think:) as I lie down in bed I think of what happend all these thoughts in my head, of the day my life split it must be my fault I feel like shit I ruined my family at least whats left of it the pain,the arguing,thecrying all these burdens put on me the comfert of my family wouldnt work the agony of sisters was enough for me no one's perfect as you can see my grades fell it haunts me in my dreams everyday is like hell as I fall deep into the black abyss I call life....is it true says a familiar voice behindyou you turn around quickly and see hiei uh now I only live with my brother now and its justa poem I thought up oh he says its sad I knowyou say well what do you want I wanted to knowif you wanted to hang out with me and the groupafter school you say no you have better stuffto do. My interests varies quite a lot but my mine ones are reading, trying to get into walking, paranormal and the like, recently got into dating sims and am currently addicted lol. I got a whole butt load of animes I like but vowed not get hooked into more until I finish most of the ones I'm reading off. When Rin was young, he brought home a black female pup, but for some reason his father strongly refused letting the dog stay. Now, she walks beside Rin and would do anything to protect the Okumura family..what he doesn't know about the 'dog' is that when he's not looking, she can change into a human. Rated M for violence, some gore, and some sexuality. The Chaos Emeralds have been glitched, transporting them throughout the games of Litwak's Arcade.

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I love science fiction, fantasy, paranormal and whatever grabs my interest. Also I'm a book-aholic lol and it's not going to ever be cured. The Four Kings are sent off on a dangerous mission to enter the Black Sand Desert Kingdom and acquire the Black Desert Land Shark. To make matters worse, the villains have gone insane! But sometimes there's no holding back needless desire. A mysterious Academy that might help her get everything she wished for. Wheather your a demonor not they're gonna be your friends. But they aren't even sure if you're ademon yet so who knows?! They like youbecause you have a good personality and are agood fighter, so it seems since you werefighting with no weapon. If you're goodat fighting in your demon form who knows maybethey'll let you join the team! Yusuke is pretty hackeled up aboutthe kiss and so are you! Hiei doesn't hate you but the fact that youdon't know every power of yours yet and thatyou aren't completley focused all the time,gives him the oppertunity to mock you. Keiko is jealous because Yusuke does seem to care about you, but so doeseveryone else. And your new attack did indeed scarethe hell out of everyone. Not just fell in love,he even asked you tomarry him! ;) I hope you'll guys will live happily everafter.hey,that can only happens if you say YES! Also, I need help thinking of the next mission,which should uncover this hiei-attacker andmaybe what they're up to case. Well u had some hang time with the guys but now uand Hiei r stuck indoors. (thats probably whathe's doing in that dress up there) OH, and,uh... XD OMG that is so cool Yusukes your brother ::if youdon't like it.. stay tunedto find out lol ok well this is interesting the prince is deadright?