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The $$$Email$$$ label in the Payload syntax above assumes you are collecting the chat user’s email address in the Pre-Chat Requested Information in Live Help Now mapped to “Email” CRM Field.

These settings are located at Admin Panel-Pre-chat requirements In order to ensure data is pushed to Pipedrive from all Live Help Now chat users, it is highly recommended you define the name and email address as required.

Please complete the following easy steps to integrate your Live Help Now live chat user info into your Pipedrive Contacts list.

Please Note: The $$$Name$$$ label in the Payload syntax above assumes you are collecting the chat user’s name in the Pre-Chat Requested Information in Live Help Now mapped to “Full name” CRM field.

I have had a problematic relationship with alcohol for 20 years and now I feel positively sober.

The support of people with the same stories as me is what's made the difference." Soberistas is a safe, online space where you can meet people who are working towards a happier, healthier and alcohol-free life.

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Enjoy private, live and uncensored conversations, become friends and then meet. All you need to do is a phone to connect and interact. You can take it easy: Look, we know what it’s like…

You can copy this HTML code block into a file, give it an extension, and view it in a browser to see a quick and basic example.

Replace the values of the bot ID, XIBMClient ID, and XIBMClient Secret parameters.

Additional documentation related to Watson Virtual Agent can be found in com/watson/developercloud/doc/virtual-agent/wva_overview.shtml.

Report bugs or feature requests to our github issue tracker.

We are a worldwide community of friendly, non-judgmental people, all helping each other to kick the booze and stay sober. I used to drink until there was nothing left to drink or I ran out of money or I passed out.

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