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When I drop a contact, it comes back a second later. Can I re-target datalinked weapons like Tactical Tomahawk? What is the difference between a Patrol Area and a Prosecution Area?

How can I upgrade to the latest official version of the simulator? Where can I download images and text descriptions for the Database Viewer? Is there a way to simulate Search and Rescue (SAR)?

Is there a way to know cloud height/base and does the weather engine consider it? What does this mean: Weapon (40mm/70 Single Breda Burst [4 rnds]) airbursted off K 21 by 103m? How can I sort the scenario list by date, by difficulty, or complexity? How does one deploy Mk55 Naval mines from B52 bombers? What are Illumination Vectors (broken red line) and Targeting Vectors (broken green line)?

Is there a "ruler and compass" tool so you can know distances and headings? What does the ‘Reload Priority’ button in the Weapons window do? Are there any instructions to go along with the tutorial scenarios? Plotting a course for a unit that is ‘Engaged Offensive’ doesn’t work. What is the difference between postures Unfriendly and Hostile? How can I make units on support or patrol missions only use active sensors inside the station area?

Reward Your Followers has been reported to be compatible (not by me - I haven't tried 1.6 yet so this is not an author post equivalent ). Defeat seems to mostly work as well as it did before.

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Weitere Spezialisierungen sollen mit zukünftigen Updates folgen, eine Galerie mit den Beschreibungen findet ihr hier.The following are Quick: EDIT: Before you read the following post (and hopefully the rest of them) I want to stress one thing in case you get the wrong idea: the flag I am proposing is NOT limited to bean dives.It is handy if you're doing one, but would very useful even if you're not. How can I make my units maneuver, unmask weapons and engage instead of automatically run and evade?

Why is the Radar Illuminator text in red in the Emissions list? Why do enemy radars still have their "range ring" when they are no longer active?Wer seine Klasse zielgerichtet spezialisieren möchte, kann das bald auch in Battlefield 1 tun: Die Perks kommen zurück!