Armstrong dating olsen

07-Sep-2017 19:01

Well, Lance's buddy thought dating a girl who was 15 years younger than him might ruin his reputation, but Lance reportedly said "she's 21, f**k you." And you know what? THAT didn't ruin his reputation, but people still seem to be a little upset about the whole doping scandal.Oh, and as for what happened between him and Ashley, we don't know, but it was seven years ago, so we don't really care, either.The couple is expecting another child in october of 2010.

Cher, who was 39 at the time, has admitted that she was "crazy" about 23 year old Cruise.Despite what it sounds like, the term doesn't describe a seven-month relationship, although we're sure a lot of them have been that, too. Well, before you get too excited, it turns out Ashley's "old" flame is essentially just that.

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There are no amateurs here, these girls know exactly what they are doing.… continue reading »

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